Value Your Trade

How Much is Your Car Worth?

With the chip shortage in full effect, now is the time to sell your car. Resale values are soaring right now because supply is low and demand is high. Take a moment to learn about how to trade in your car and value your trade with our vehicle trade-in calculator. Then, apply for financing, explore your trade options in our inventory of new vehicles for sale in Springfield, and reach out to the Springfield Chrysler Automart used sales manager to schedule for an official appraisal and negotiation near Rincon.

How to Value Your Trade

To value your trade and find out how much your car is worth, you’ll need to use the above tool. First, select what the year of your model is. Then, select the make, the model, the trim, which type of drivetrain it features (i.e.: FWD/AWD), and which engine option and transmission it’s equipped with. From there, You will want to provide the mileage of your vehicle, its condition, your zip code, and select any packages or accessories you’ve added onto Savannah vehicle. Next, select the color of the model, and provide us with details about any future vehicles of interest, as well as some contact info. We’ll then provide you with a near accurate estimate of its value, and email you with info on how you can arrange for an inspection and official appraisal, after which we’ll finalize the deal. Finally, we’ll help you close on your next, incredibly affordable vehicle!

Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth in Springfield

While you can value your trade using our calculator and get a near accurate estimate of its market value, you’ll need to get in touch with Springfield Chrysler Automart for an official inspection and appraisal and to close the deal. Our Statesboro neighbors can simply call us at 912-205-6284 to take the next step. In the meantime, take a moment to explore our car buying and selling tips for other helpful reads, including our more in-depth guide on how to trade in a car. We look forward to helping you secure an excellent offer!